Born in Slovakia and educated in the UK, Zuzana uses traditional Slovakian embroidery techniques to produce large scale contemporary wall hangings. Coming from a rich cultural background of eastern Europe she found and early interest in embroidery that she then developed further during a textile degree study in London.

She set up her practice in 2014 with a view to reinvent traditional craft to make it sit well within any contemporary home. She achieves this through the use of geometric patterns, bold colours and by playing around with scale.

Each one of her pieces is a combination of intuitive work and planning. Starting with a very rough idea and then letting the shapes develop as the work progresses.

In her most recent collection she introduced beading as a new element and modifying threads with discharge technique with the aim to bring innovation to this traditional craft.

Since launching this collection at Decorex 2018, she has been working to commission with private collectors and interior designers on bespoke pieces. Framing textiles has opened more opportunities as the new collection can now be celebrated as artworks, thus making it easier for clients to add texture and colour within interior spaces, as well as offering the accessibility for clients to move them easily within the residence.

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